How Do I Stop My Ears From Ringing

I’m trying to stay focus to get my urgent tasks completed by today but that irritating ringing ears of mine just wouldn’t want to get off my back. The buzzing sounds seem to get louder each day up to a point that interrupts my sleep.

How Do I Stop My Ears From Ringing

This is tinnitus – the term that my family doctor told me. Often known as ringing in the ears, this disorder could happen on anyone from young to old. Sufferers would perceive the sounds as buzzing noise (which happen to me), a constant beating noise or even a high pitch scream.

The immediate question that comes to mind is “How Do I Stop My Ears From Ringing”?

My worried expression is written on my face. The doctor tried to calm me down by explaining what’s need to be done to address this disorder.

My very first task – to identify what’s causing my ears to ring? To get things moving, my doctor had shared with me the following common factors that could lead to tinnitus. I was told to identify which could be the trigger factors for my ringing ears.

Loud noise. Exposing your hearing to rowdy noise for a prolonged period can cause harm to your ear canal leading to tinnitus condition.

Earwax clogging. Our ear canal is protected by a thin layer of ear wax which aids in trapping dirt and prevent the growth of bacteria. However, when this layer of earwax start to accumulate and harden, it cannot be wash away easily and could lead to eardrum infection or hearing loss, leading to tinnitus disorder.

Age-related hearing loss. As we age, our hearing sense also starts to deteriorate. Though not all aging folks will experience ringing ears, those pass the age of 60 and with severe hearing loss will likely be struggling with ringing in the ears.

Ear bone alternation. Abnormal bone growth resulting in stiffening of the middle ear is another common trigger for tinnitus.

Injures in ether head or neck. This will likely bring about ringing in one ear rather than both. The injury trauma will have an impact on your hearing nerves which in turn lead to tinnitus.

Medication. There are quite a number of medicines that are known to trigger your ringing ears namely aspirin, antibiotics, antidepressants as well as cancer medications. Are you on any of these medications lately?

Cardiovascular complication. Health conditions such as high blood pressure and narrowed arteries can increase your likelihood of getting tinnitus as well.

As listed above, there are many factors contributing to the flare-up of your buzzing ears and to have this disorder treated, identify the main cause is your first step.

If your tinnitus is the result of long hours of perception to excessively loud noise, you would have to start taking action to reduce the impact. Is your loud noise coming from your workplace machinery, or maybe you are a music lover and have your headphones on your ears all day long or perhaps your frequent hang out are disco nightclub. Do what you can to minimize the damage it had on your hearing. Wear earplug in the workplace, cut down the time you are on headphones and avoid or reduce the times that you visit your hang out.

For earwax clogging that leads to ringing ears, there is a simple and effective remedy. Make use of hydrogen peroxide solution. Lay down on one side with one of your ear facing up. Apply 2 – 4 drops of hydrogen peroxide solution to your ringing ears and keep still for 5 mins. After which, sit up and use a tissue to wipe off any fluid that comes out. Do the same on another side of your ear (if you had ringing ears on both sides). It might take up to 5 days for you to see the effects. For my tinnitus disorder, this is what’s causing my nightmare. (Quite fortunate to have it cure finally).

Cardiovascular complication. A rather common issue that likely happens to many people, especially the working group. Working adult usually have a more stressful life and they tend to have an unhealthy diet as they are always rushing for time. This, in turn, will lead to high blood pressure and provoke the flare-up of ringing ears. To have this addressed, it will be a long-term lifestyle change. Of course, I’m not referring that you should change job whenever you feel stressed. Every job had their challenges but you can do your fair share to help maintain your health status. Just a simple 30 mins fast walk per day, swimming or even yoga can do wonder in maintaining your blood pressure and control your ringing ears condition. Coupled with some diet plan alteration, you should be on your way to gain back your peaceful night sleep.

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It might take a while for you to be able to discover what’s triggering your ears to ring. If you need to get instant relief from your tinnitus, try using what is known as “sound masking” therapy. In simple term, it means to use another sound to conceal that irritating ringing noise in your ears. You could make use of soft classical music or sound masking devices that are easily available in the market. If cost is something that you be looking at, a simple electric fan can also do the trick.

One thing to keep in mind, this remedy does not cure your ringing ears, It will just offer temporary relief from your tinnitus.

I hope that you would find the posting beneficial. Start taking action now and in no time, your tinnitus condition would improve. The information provided HERE would be worth your time reading.

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